Creating Homemade Tiki Torches

Posted by: Emerson at March 9th, 2011

tiki torches

Tiki torches add a fun, tropical look to any garden.  Creating your own torches can be a fun project when you have the time.  Homemade tiki torches are easy to make, but you have to know how to weave a simple basket.  The instructions for this can be found online, or in many helpful books at your local craft store.

The first thing you should do when starting any project is get all your materials in order.  You’ll need a bamboo pole for the base of your torch.  It should be a few inches thick and around five feet long.  You also need round reed and rawhide strips for weaving the basket.  Glue can be used to help secure the basket to the pole if you like.  Later on, you’ll need one more thing for fuel, but this can be bought pre-made.

Your goal in making the tiki torch is to weave a small basket on the top of the bamboo pole.  This basket will then hold your fuel source which can be lit to provide illumination and atmosphere.  It’s important to make sure the connection between the pole and basket is secure.  If not, it could be jostled by wind or a person bumping into it and fall off, spilling your fuel and potentially burning something.  Don’t be afraid to add a line of glue between the basket and pole if you think it will help.  Chances are you’ll have to make a few practice torches before you get the right technique down.

Once you have the basket woven onto the pole, you’re ready to get your fuel source.  For this kind of torch you’ll use a can of gel fuel instead of a candle, or the typical oil and wick combination.  Gel fuel can be found at camping stores, home improvement stores, and some department stores.  Simply set it in the basket and light it.

It’s essential to place your tiki torch securely in the ground so it doesn’t fall over.  Keep in mind any external factors that raise the need for safety, like high winds or having small children around.  These homemade tiki patio lights, when made correctly, are a great way to add a personal touch to your patio, deck, or garden.

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