The Graber Vs. Hunter Douglas Debate

Posted by: Emerson at April 19th, 2011

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It has long been said that two things that have the same goals, who do the same things and who are in the same line of work tend to be rivals. They tend to be competitive with each other in the hope of outsmarting the other and garnering the lead in the field. Hunter Douglas and Graber are two such entities and both are in the window d├ęcor business and both are experts in the field. Both also are able to create window shutters of magnificent quality and value that customers flock to either and more often than not have a difficult time choosing between the two.

One thing to note however is that Graber and Hunter Douglas are not enemies. They view themselves and each other as two companies in the same field trying to earn a living. The competition between them is a friendly one, unlike what some people tend to think and some malicious people always ponder about. Together, they create a competitive market that benefits themselves and the customers as well. No particular company has a monopoly over the field and as such, people are free to choose and in turn the companies continue to improve the products in the hope of attracting more attention and more buyers.

Hunter Douglas and Graber also have different offers and claims, which is what is probably a deciding factor for many individuals with regards to buying shutters. Hunter Douglas attaches a lifetime warranty to all of its products, so that the customers would be assured that the product would be well accounted for in case something does go wrong. Graber on the other hand, emphasizes on going green and utilizing only natural materials in their products. This gives the clients the impression that they are concerned too with the environment and are thinking long-term more than short term.

There is no disputing that these two companies are big players in the shutter industry. Graber vs. Hunter Douglas is indeed existent. But it is through their competition that they create a nature of cooperation, to move the industry forward and create newer and better shutters for people to appreciate and buy.

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